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This wiki, is a site of dissemination and experimentation of the method of auto-regulated collaborative editing (ARCE) applied to the edition of texts and to the analysis of documents.
This method allows a dispersed population having access to the internet to build collectively its will on any subject and to express it by a text whose content is becoming more and more consensual as the contributions increased.
Contrary to what is happening on the forums or social networks, here, the larger the number of stakeholders, more accurate is the common will and better the quality of the text which expresses it
Applied to the writing of laws this method provides a means to express the general will of a very large population and to write collectively without excluding anyone a text of law conforming the general will.
Thus, this method allows the realization of a democratic system as described in this protocol.
This site is a wiki, it means that any user connected can modify any page.
Do not hesitate to ask your questions directly on the pages - we shall recast them according to the rules