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The general will can only control the forces of the state according to the end of its institution, which is the common good.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau of the Social Contract Book I Chapter 2

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This wiki intends to show that today and only today, it is possible to build a state that is governed according to the general will while it is clearly governed according to the particular interests of a globalized oligarchy.
We must first of all point out that, if it exists, the constitution which indicates how the state forces are governed .
For this reason, a constitution is simply a list of directives drafted in the form of assertions (for example, article 2 of the 2008 Constitution states: La langue de la République est le français or Article 3: La souveraineté nationale appartient au peuple qui l'exerce par ses représentants et par la voie du référendum ).
An assertion is a declarative sentence that has a remarkable logical property: it states a truth about a state of affairs . In the case of a constitution, it states, for example, that the language of the Republic must be French . It is then possible for anyone to check, using the rules of logic, that such an official act is well written in French - in accordance with the constitution - and not in Latin for example.
If a constitution is drafted in the form of unambiguous and non-contradictory assertions, then anyone is able to verify, using the rules of logic, that such a political decision is in conformity with it without the help of a Council. Constitutional.
Moreover, if the assertions of the constitution are the expression of the general will (as advocated by article 6 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen ), the decisions of the government will necessarily be managed according to the general interest (the common good) and it will be easy for anyone to check it.
The essential point is therefore the construction of a system capable of enabling a large population (such as France) to express its general will in the form of a limited list of non-contradictory and unambiguous assertions.
On this wiki we show that such a system has become accessible today thanks to the existence and the structure of the internet network as well as the recent discovery of software concepts like blockchains.
For this we will show:
  • that the drafting of the current constitution of France is indeed a list of assertions, but that these are ambiguous, sometimes even contradictory and do not express the general will of the French people.
  • but it is possible
  • to write a constitution according to the general will based on the necessary conditions established by Rousseau in the Social Contract
  • to enable every citizen to verify that political decisions are constitutional

... in other words, Democracy - our sovereignty - is within the reach of our connections to the Internet and a little work.

This site is a wiki, it means that any user connected can modify any page.
Do not hesitate to ask your questions directly on the pages - we shall recast them according to the rules